Entering Race Venue

Please ensure you arrive at start line early 30min before the race start and are ready for the start of your ride. Riders who are late and missed their start time are not allowed to start or join any other ride.

Time: Please see the race schedule and participate in each activity on time.
Location: Intersection of Dianshan Lake Ave. and Qingpu Ave., Qingpu District, Shanghai

Metro: Line 17 to Dianshan Lake Avenue Station, Exit 4. Then walk to Dianshan Lake Avenue and the intersection with Qingpu Avenue to the north to reach the event entrance. Volunteers will guide you along the way.

Taxi: Arrive to Dianshanhu Avenue Station (Exit 4) of Line 17, walk from to Dianshanhu Avenue and head north at the intersection of Qingpu Avenue to reach the event entrance. Volunteers will guide you along the way.

Driving: There are two Parking area: On-street parking on Dianhui Road and Wanda Mao Underground Parking. Please follow the instructions of the on-site management personnel and park in the designated area.

Cycling: Ride along Dainingpu Road to Qingpu Avenue to reach the race entrance.
The organizer strongly recommend all the participants to take public transportation and commute in an environment friendly way. Please pay attention to the traffic control that might impact your arrival time.


Participants are required to bring the following items:

1. Valid government issued photo ID (Matching the information on your registration form)

2. Your bib and athlete wristband

3.Your mobile phone (for showing two “Green” codes for Health code check and Travel history check, and accept body temperature check prior to entering the venue of the Event and participating in the Activities; only the Participant with a “Green” code and whose temperature is lower than 37.3℃ will be allowed to enter the venue and participate in Activities)

4. Face Masks (Bringing multiple face masks is recommended. Race organizer does not provide face masks on site, including the finish area)

Due to safety concerns, alcohol spray is not allowed at the race venue.

All race participants and spectators are required to go through security check upon entering the race venue. Please follow the race staff instruction on-site. All participants shall obey the laws and regulations of public security and race regulations.


1. Should wear the mask all the time;

2. Should keep 1.5 meter social distance between each other ;

3. Should avoid close body contact with each other;

4. Should follow guidance from onsite staffs.

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