Race Packet Collection

Date And Time

December 5th-6th, 2019; 12PM-8PM
No Race Packet Collection on race day (Dec. 7-8)! 


Giant-Liv Huangjinchengdao Store
No. 756, Huangjinchengdao Road, Changning District, Shanghai
*The busiest time for race packet collection usually is around after work. To avoid long waiting time, please arrange your arrival time accordingly.


  • Subway: Subway Line 10, Yili Road Station, Exit 3. Walk south towards Manao Road to Huangjinchengdao Road and walk west to the Giant-Liv Huangjinchengdao store. About 850m
  • Bus: No. 320, 827, 836 to Hongqiao Road Gubei Road Station; No. 737 to Gubei Road Ronghua East Road Station.

What To Bring To The Race Packet Collection?

  1. Valid government issued photo ID (Matching the information on your registration form)
  2. A hard copy of the signed Athlete Waiver (Click To Download. Electronic copy will not be accepted. For participants under 18-year old, waiver needs to be signed by a legal guardian. )
  3. Registration Confirmation Email with a complete QR code generated by Active System (Print or digital)*
  4. CNY 200 cash as Timing Chip deposit CNY 200 cash as Timing Chip deposit

If any item mentioned above is missing, you shall not be able to pick up your race packet.

*If you registered through Active system but didn’t received the Registration Confirmation Email, you can log in to myevents.active.com to download your confirmation information with QR code. If you have any questions, please email info@giroridelikeapro.cn and let us know your name and E-mail address used during registration. 

*If you registered through RaceGood (Biketo), your registration is valid and please keep your original registration as a proof. We will send out the Active System generated Registration Confirmation Email with your Bib Number around Nov. 19th. The Active confirmation email is required for Race Packet Collection. In addition, we will re-send out the confirmation email on Dec. 3rd to all participants.  If you didn’t receive the confirmation email, please email us at info@giroridelikeapro.cn and let us know 1) the platform you registered, 2) your name, and 3) email address you used during registration. 

Race Packet Collection for Others

If you cannot collect the packets on your own, you may ask a friend to pick it up for you. Your friend will need to bring the following items. If any item is missing, we will not be able to distribute your packet.

  1. Participant’s Valid government issued photo ID (Matching the information on the registration form. Both of hard copy and digital copy will be accepted)
  2. A hard copy of the signed Athlete Waiver by the athlete (Click To Download. Electronic copy will NOT be accepted. For runners under 18-year old, waiver needs to be signed by a legal guardian. )
  3. Registration Confirmation Email generated by Active System (Print or digital, must have a complete QR code)*
  4. Race Packet Collection Waiver (Click To Download. Must bring the signed hard copy. Electronic copy will NOT be accepted.)
  5. CNY 200 cash as Timing Chip deposit

*If you plan to pick up for more than 20 people, please email us at info@giroridelikeapro.cn with the information below so we can prepare beforehand to save time.

  1. The time you plan to come to the Packet Pick-Up
  2. Athlete names, registration platform, bib number, E-mail address, last 4-digit of ID number, and race distance (a spreadsheet is highly recommended)

How To Find Your Race Bib Number

You will need your bib number when signing the Athlete Waiver and collect your race packet. Remembering your race bib number will save your time on site. There are 3 ways to check:

  1. On race website (To be posted on Nov. 19)
  2. After Nov. 19, log in to myevents.active.com to look up
  3. We will send you an email that includes your bib number on Nov. 19th and Dec. 3th. (This email can be used as the race registration confirmation mail) 

What’s In Your Packet?

  1. Bib number sticker (This is your entry ticket): include body sticker, helmet sticker, bike post sticker, and bag drop sticker *
  2. Athlete wristband for identification (This is your entry ticket)*
  3. Windproof Vest (Fun Ride child between 6 to 12 will receive long Sleeve Tee)
  4. Drawstring bag and towel
  5. If you need free spectator tickets, please obtain them from the race staff at the Race Packet Collection. Each runner is limited to 2 tickets. 

*Athlete must have both the bib and the athlete wristband to enter the race venue.

**Due to the limited quantity of the vest/tee, the size change cannot be accommodated at the Race Packet Collection.

Timing Chip Pick Up

All participants expect Fun Ride need pick up their timing chip after Race Packet Collection. A CNY 200 deposit is required to collect the timing chip on site. The deposited will be refunded when the chip is returned after the race. In order to record your time properly, please don’t forget to bring your timing chip on event day and wear the chip correctly. Lost timing chip will result a CNY 800 fine. If you collect the packet for others, please pay the deposit on behalf of the participant(s).

Spectator Tickets

If your family or friends come to watch the race with you, please click the link or use WeChat to scan the QR code below to claim free spectator tickets for them (one ticket per person, participants can access the venue with bib number and wristband, no need to claim a spectator ticket).